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Análisis filosófico de las limitaciones del lenguaje en el acto de enseñanza – aprendizaje.
Veintimilla Bravo, Lenín José (Nov-2018) - [Director: Cárdenas Marín, William Orlando]
A key element for the development of the human being through the history has been language, as a meaning for interaction and progress implementation, as it planned its actions to the human holistic in its various dimensions, and for this reason it is necessary to study what do philosophers try...
La práctica de enseñanza de Religión en la Educación General Básica Media de la Unidad Educativa “San Vicente de Paúl” de la parroquia Conocoto – Quito.
Solano Solano, Lidia Esperanza (Mar-2017) - [Director: Cárdenas Marín, William Orlando]
This research work deals with teaching practice which demonstrates the creativity and development of the teacher at the time of organizing the climate of the classroom through knowledge and the proper use of the teaching methodology for the achievement of learning outcomes in the field of school...
Semiótica y educación: el rol de los signos en el proceso enseñanza–aprendizaje
Villagómez Arias, Elizabeth Liliana (Nov-2018) - [Director: Cárdenas Marín, William Orlando]
Semiotics and education: the role of signs in the teaching - learning process main objective is studying the concept of a sign, it is still present in human beings by the same fact that there is an ability to convert everything into a sign what surrounds, either as an interpretation of object,...