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Análisis de la cadena de valor de la industria textil enfocada a la producción de ropa interior del sector norte de Quito; Caso práctico empresa "Incoltextil - Salomé".
Chandi Erazo, Sofía Belén; Villamar Ponce, Valeria Dennisse (Apr-2015) - [Director: Torres Cisneros, Paola Ximena]
This thesis makes the observation and analysis of the fundamental processes of the company Incoltextil-Salomé based on the value chain, which identified the main activities such as inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales, service; backing or support activities that...
Análisis de la competencia de los operadores económicos en funcionamiento, dedicados a la producción y comercialización nacional de bicicletas, en la ciudad de Quito.
Carabalí Puma, Juan Francisco; Tovar Herrera, Andrés Javier (Jul-2014) - [Director: Torres Cisneros, Paola Ximena]
The aim of this work is the analysis of competition, maintaining the economic operators involved in the marketing and production of bicycles with national import products, establishing the way of how a trader is structured, determining their strengths and weaknesses to enter the domestic market.