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Determinación de la factibilidad de utilizar sistemas de lodos activados para depuración de aguas residuales industriales procedentes de una fábrica de lácteos y una de confites. QUITO DM.
Cuvi Quintana, Karol Estefanía (Sep-2017) - [Director: Borja Vela, Ximena del Rocío]
As in Quito D.M. industrial activities advance, the negative impacts on nearby water bodies are more significant, reflecting a deterioration in the quality of the environment. Wastewaters tend to be a big problem when they are discharged to riverbeds close to surrounding communities. Therefore,...
Determinación de tratamientos primarios para la depuración del agua residual doméstica
Paladines Quichimbo, Alex Manuel; Salazar Cárdenas, Andrea Jazmín (Jun-2016) - [Director: Borja Vela, Ximena del Rocío]
The wastewater treatment has been studied for a long time; therefore, it is common to apply the same operations and unit processes adapted to the conditions of different sites. For the present study was intended to determine the most appropriate primary treatment units for the purification of...
Diseño, construcción y arranque de operación de un reactor de lodos activados a escala de laboratorio
Crespo Ruiz, Michelle Stefania; Martínez Chulde, Diana Lizet (Feb-2018) - [Director: Borja Vela, Ximena del Rocío]
The present work of investigation evaluated the efficiency of the elimination of the physical-chemical parameters of an activated sludge reactor in which the domestic residual water coming from the Shanshayacu creek in Quitumbe in the south zone of the DMQ was treated. For the development of the...
Elaboración de planes de manejo ambiental para el Comando General FAE y Comando de Eduacación y Doctrina FAE, en la ciudad de Quito.
Boada Saavedra, Andrea Catalina (May-2015) - [Director: Borja Vela, Ximena del Rocío]
The current project contains the development of the environmental management plans for the Ecuadorian Air Force commands located in Quito and the Recoleta and the command of Education and Doctrine located in the Prensa. The Environmental Management Plans are developed for the buildings were both...
Estudio de impacto ambiental Expost & plan de manejo ambiental para el centro de acopio Megapollo Colonial Cía. Ltda.
Dávila Montenegro, Diana (2012) - [Director: Borja Vela, Ximena del Rocío]
The Expost Environmental Impact Study is an evaluation tool that serves to identify environmental impacts that develop within a company with in order to minimize them, since they can affect the environment and the workers. Megapollo Colonial Cía. Ltda., Is a company that is in operation, and...
Evaluación de parámetros físicos, químicos y microbiológicos en el agua residual doméstica de la ciudad de Quito
Valle Pazmiño, Verónica Nathalia (Jul-2016) - [Director: Borja Vela, Ximena del Rocío]
This study evaluates the physical, chemical and microbiological parameters of domestic wastewater from one sector of the city of Quito, the pollutant load and time charge flows in the sector was also determined. This paper presents the methodology and results of sampling, conducted through...