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Interpretación de la dimensión educativa de la pastoral juvenil en tres obras de San Agustín
Altamirano Molina, Marcelo Bolíbar (Sep-2014) - [Director: Higuera Aguirre, Edison Francisco]
ABSTRACT The "Interpretation of the educational dimension of youth ministry in three works of St. Augustine," thesis is to analyze the educational and pastoral Augustine of Hippo budgets, their relationship with the educational and pastoral practices in Ecuador and approaches and perspectives...
Propuesta de acompañamiento para la formación inicial de comunidades cristianas en el barrio La Florita de la ciudad de Manta
Guamán Maza, Esperanza Marisol (Sep-2014) - [Director: Higuera Aguirre, Edison Francisco]
In the research present the reality of the Christian communities of the district's Florita city of Manta, your partner history - historical, cultural and religious. It will allow us to know their reality and illuminate the word of God and the documents of the Latin American conference.
Propuesta de formación bíblica para los catequistas de la parroquia checa del cantón Quito en el período 2014 - 2016
Sánchez Carpio, Carmen Alexandra (Feb-2015) - [Director: Higuera Aguirre, Edison Francisco]
The research, conducted in the Parish of Checa, in the Quito Town, is an initiative to self-education, as well as training of every catechist, who actively contribute to the development of evangelization. The first chapter lists and defines the components of a training module, which helps us to...
Relación entre el personalismo de Mounier y el aprendizaje significativo de Ausubel
Jarrín Freire, Juan José; Pilla Analuisa, Luis Rubén (Oct-2014) - [Director: Higuera Aguirre, Edison Francisco]
In the first chapter of this research personalism of Mounier who in his postulates considers the person as a free, community, comprehensive, transcendent and formed to build a new society where there are beings capable of living and commit as individuals exposed. In the second chapter the...