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“Análisis y aplicación de la NIC 2 de inventarios en una empresa importadora y comercializadora de artículos de viaje y afines caso “comercial Equipaggio Cía. Ltda.”.
Cárdenas Gaibor, Ericka Melissa (Jul-2013) - [Director: Andrade, Mónica]
This thesis focuses on the International Accounting Standard IAS 2 " INVENTORIES", in which this standard defines inventories as assets retained for sale in the ordinary course of business activities , or those who have past a production process ...
"Diseño de un sistema de control interno para el manejo de inventarios en la empresa Almacenes la Ganga RCA S.A. de Quito".
Chicaiza Catota, Sandra Paola (Jan-2013) - [Director: Andrade, Mónica]
In the present investigation shown internal control as a fundamental tool in the evaluation of financial, administrative and operational processes of business enterprises. In the first chapter a theoretical framework that allows us to understand the design of an internal control system is provided...
Diseño y aplicación de una metodología de auditoría de gestión a la unidad de adopción de niños en el INFA
Carrera Salinas, Nilbia Paola (Oct-2011) - [Director: Andrade, Mónica]
This thesis work was carried out with the aim of knowing the actual administrative situation of the Institute of Children and Families, to be exact of the Technical Unit of Adoptions, since being a unit that performs a task as sensitive as the adoption children and adolescents, the need arose to...
Efectos contables y tributarios del arrendamiento mercantil (LEASING), mediante la aplicación de la Nic17
Santana Vinces, Sandra Gabriela (Mar-2012) - [Director: Andrade, Mónica]
Normally companies that take this approach seek to cover their needs for a short-term assets, or immediate needs of production (in the case of an industry) or service (commercial and service companies). With this procedure so that the tenant is no longer taking a risk in a short period and thus...
Estudio y análisis de la aplicación de la norma internacional de información financiera número cuatro: contrato de seguros en las empresas aseguradoras en la ciudad de Quito
Espinel Cárdenas, Susana Alexandra (Jul-2013) - [Director: Andrade, Mónica]
Insurance originated with the Babylonians and the Hindu ever since they started to insure their merchandise that they transported by way of river, within two years of the founding of the insurance company in 1666 in Paris for the fire which occurred ...
Metodología para la aplicación de un manual de procedimientos administrativos, financieros y contables en la empresa "Emsys Servicios y Soluciones Empresariales Cia. Ltda." de la ciudad de Quito
Núñez Gómez, Wilfrido Paúl (Feb-2012) - [Director: Andrade, Mónica]
The development and implementation of a manual of administrative, financial and accounting procedures within the company, improve your operations, marketing and organizational environment; facilitate the implementation of an internal control system and allow you to reach and effectively their...
"Modelo de gestión para el control de los inventarios mediante la aplicación de la NIC 11 en la empresa Inmosolución S.A."
Montenegro Siguencia, Diana Fernanda (Apr-2013) - [Director: Andrade, Mónica]
Important issues such as NICs, the difference between IAS 11 and IAS 2 phases of a construction project, and construction costs are covered. According to the knowledge of the company and the different concepts and use them as a basis for management model for inventory control, which are the main...
Modelo de la planeación estratégica basado en metodología Balanced Scorecard aplicado a la empresa Ecuarefrescos S.A.
Ibujés Cevallos, Paola Vanessa (Mar-2012) - [Director: Andrade, Mónica]
Designing a strategic planning methodology based on Balanced Scorecard is proposed, this is a tool that provides executives and managers with a comprehensive framework that translates the vision, mission, objectives and principles in institutional strategies. These strategies seek action consistent...