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Análisis de datos geoespaciales y sensores remotos para la determinación de contaminantes de aire para la ciudad de quito entre los años 2013 a 2016.
Cuásquer Jordán, José Elías; Paredes Paredes, Bélgica Estefanía (Feb-2018) - [Director: Álvarez Mendoza, César Iván]
The characterization of air quality is a problem that affects large cities and Quito does not escape this problem, among which the pollutants that are difficult to analyze in large areas are Carbon monoxide (CO), dioxide of Nitrogen (NO2) and Ozone (O3), the difficulty of its analysis is that there...
Comparación en la estimación de material particulado PM10 usando imágenes satelitales LANDSAT 7, LANDSAT 8 Y MODIS en Quito
Torres Saquinga, Nelly Stefanía; Vivanco Pérez, Valeria Lizbeth (Aug-2018) - [Director: Álvarez Mendoza, César Iván]
The deterioration of air quality in recent years is one of the main problems that most cities already cause lung diseases, lung cancer to the exposed population and Quito is no exception. Through the application of tools such as remote sensing it was possible to estimate one of the main...
Generación de un modelo espacial de dispersión de contaminantes y calidad del agua aplicando el modelo de Kriging en la Microcuenca de la Quebrada Ortega - cantón Quito.
Arcos Vargas, Cristian Rodrigo (Apr-2015) - [Director: Álvarez Mendoza, César Iván]
Understanding the process of dispersion of pollutants in rivers from the activities of human beings is of vital importance for the environmental engineer. The characterization and understanding of the different parameters are key to the generation of different ways to measure the quality...
Generación de un visor ambiental GIS WEB mediante ArcGIS Online free para el Campus Sur UPS
Pino Casignia, Sandra Paulina (Aug-2018) - [Director: Álvarez Mendoza, César Iván]
The present study was carried out in the South Campus of the Salesian Polytechnic University located in the Quitumbe parish, Quito, province of Pichincha; with the purpose of generating an environmental viewer in ArcGIS Online free. For this purpose, it was required to take an...