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Title: Estimulación de la creatividad a través de técnicas grafoplásticas para niños de 4 años de edad en el Centro Educativo Anatoly Lunacharsky en la ciudad de Quito.
Authors: Moncayo Mancero, María José
Advisor: Argüello Aguilar, Myriam Elena
Issue Date: May-2012
Abstract: Having determined as a research problem that there is a limited grafoplásticas management techniques in the "Anatoly Lunacharsky Education Center" City of Quito, which can reduce the possibility of encouraging creativity in children four years of age attending the school, it was decided to set objectives for research as a possible solution to the problem identified and consequently the development of this work into four chapters, among which was considered the collection of information using field research techniques and instruments as a test and report individual child taking into account the parameters of the authors Torrance and Guilford and hence were selected indicators suitable for children aged four years and surveys aimed at Teachers and Parents. Given that the target population of 5 children, 9 and 10 Teachers Parents corresponds to manageable amounts, it was necessary to apply made a sample calculation, which guarantees 100% confidence level and 0% margin Error.
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