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Análisis del desempeño de señales digitales con Fec Reed Solomon utilizando USRP (Universal Software Radio Peripheral) 2920 como transceiver.
Zapata Yacelga, Ricardo Israel (Sep-2016) - [Director: Tipán Simbaña, Milton Napoleón]
The paper presents the experimental study of the application of correction of errors in access networks using software defined radio transceivers based on the USRP. The system was tested in a wireless link to 1 m and an improvement was obtained in the yield of 4 dB for BPSK modulation...
Análisis y simulación de un enlace de radio sobre fibra óptica (ROF) a 60GHZ.
Amagua Masabanda, Nancy Elizabeth; Mogro Marmol, Nelson Andrés (Oct-2013) - [Director: Tipán Simbaña, Milton Napoleón]
At the end of this research is to provide a simulation model of radio links over optical fiber that will not only serve to teach the RoF networks in the curriculum of study of the students studying electrical engineering, but also a starting point for future research in this field.
Convergencia de FOFDM y LTE en redes de acceso de fibra óptica
Velásquez Vivas, Cintya Vanessa (Sep-2017) - [Director: Tipán Simbaña, Milton Napoleón]
We experimentally transmitted jointly FOFDM and LTE signals over one wavelength at optical access network. LTE up conversion at 1.5 GHz and FOFDM was left at baseband. Receiver sensibilities of -21.5 dBm and 21.8 dBm was found for FOFDM and LTE respectively at BER 10-3, after optimization of power...
Diseño e implementación de un modulador y demodulador OOK para comunicación por luz visible (VLC) utilizando la tarjeta FPGA CYCLONE III de ALTERA.
Maldonado Puente, Santiago Alberto; Morales Cueva, Byron Alexander (Nov-2013) - [Director: Tipán Simbaña, Milton Napoleón]
The purpose of this work is to transmit data via visible light by means of a white light emitting diode (Light Emitting Diode, LED), low power, using on-off keying (On - Off Keying OOK) point point, using card-programmable gate arrays in field (Field Programmable Gate Array, FPGA) from Altera...
Diseño e implementación de un modulador y un demodulador SSK (Space Shify Keying) para comunicación por luz visible (VLC) utilizando la Fpga (Fiel Programmable Gate Array) CYCLONE III de Altera.
Caiza Guanochanga, Gustavo Javier; Echeverría Chilla, Jonathan Andrés (Nov-2013) - [Director: Tipán Simbaña, Milton Napoleón]
Initially optical communications and modulations was investigated mainly in systems-Multiple Input Single Output (Multiple Input Single Output, MISO). Then the design and simulation in the DSP Builder software was performed. One MISO system which consists of 4 transmitters and a receiver was...
Diseño y simulación de las etapas de ecualización para transmición y recepción del sistema de comunicación por luz visible (VLC) con mudulación OOK utilizando filtros digitales.
Morales Nieto, Christian Roberto (Nov-2013) - [Director: Tipán Simbaña, Milton Napoleón]
The project is based on the study of new wireless communication technologies, among which stands out research in optical communications by means not guided LED transmitters, called Visible Light Communication (VLC) which uses LEDs for lighting devices data transmission through the air. The project...
Estudio comparativo de Fast OFDM y las técnicas multi-portadora que usan bancos de filtros en sistemas de fibra óptica
Titusunta Venegas, Paulina Elizabeth (May-2015) - [Director: Tipán Simbaña, Milton Napoleón]
As technology and real time application require broadband and higher transmission rates, it has chosen to migrate to optical fiber networks which are the most efficient means of transmission and it allows us to send information faster and more accurate way. Today, there are only few studies for new...
Implementación de un codificador y decodificador diferencial en tiempo real para transmisión de video, mediante Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP)
Arcos Riofrío, Ana Karen (Sep-2016) - [Director: Tipán Simbaña, Milton Napoleón]
In recent years, the increase in mobile devices as well as real-time applications, have increased the capacity and bandwidth of wireless systems. It is the biggest challenge the hardware implementation of new digital modulation techniques that allow not only increase the capacity of wireless...
Implementación de un sistema basado en DS-CDMA utilizando usrps 2920 como transceiver.
Castillo Reimundo, Jenniffer Priscila (Sep-2016) - [Director: Tipán Simbaña, Milton Napoleón]
The rise of mobile devices has created the need to implement in hardware new digital modulation techniques that allow not only increase the capacity of wireless systems, it also needs to make these more flexible. This paper aims to design and implementation of a DS-CDMA system with USRP 2920 as...
Implementación de un sistema de transmisión simultánea de señales digitales en banda base y pasante utilizando USRP 2920
Moreno Villaroel, Edison Eduardo (Mar-2017) - [Director: Tipán Simbaña, Milton Napoleón]
In the present project, a digital transmission system was implemented by means of frequency multiplexing using Software Defined Radio (USRP 2920, Universal Software Radio Peripherical) controlled by the Labview program, which allowed to generate a source of digital information, a Quaternary...
Modelización del diodo led, diseño y construcción de la inferfaz del transmisor y receptor para un sistema de comunicación de luz visible mediante un diodo de luz blanca
Peñaherrera Aguilar, Erick Alexander (May-2014) - [Director: Tipán Simbaña, Milton Napoleón]
The purpose of the paper is to design the intensity modulator for SISO and MISO system. One SISO system is implemented by on-off modulation of visible light, making a point to point link.
Reducción del PAPR mediante técnicas de Clipping en sistemas multiportadoras UFMC
Cáceres Hidalgo, Estuardo Javier; Jiménez Gaona, Mariela Nataly (Oct-2017) - [Director: Tipán Simbaña, Milton Napoleón]
Comparison of two techniques by to reduce PAPR at UFMC signal is presented. First, an analysis of probability was realized, the deep clipping to reduce more than classic clipping technique. Then, Its performance was evaluated through BER over an AWGN channel, instead the classic clipping have...
Reducción del PAPR mediante técnicas de Clipping y Peak Windowing en sistemas multiportadoras FBMC
Musuña Rojas, Cristian Paul; Caiza Llumiquinga, Franco Lenín (Jul-2018) - [Director: Tipán Simbaña, Milton Napoleón]
A comparison of the classical clipping technique with the peak window technique for hamming, hanning and kaiser windows to reduce PAPR in an FBMC signal over an AWGN channel is presented. The techniques are probabilistically analyzed by showing that the classic clipping technique reduces PAPR more...
Sistema de transmisión multiportadora mediante multiplexación por división de frecuencia generalizado (GFDM)
Flores Tipán, Lizeth Carolina; Toscano Lucero, Lisbeth Carolina (Jan-2017) - [Director: Tipán Simbaña, Milton Napoleón]
Telecommunications have contributed to the development of society, its improvement, is closely related with the changes and technological advances, that is the reason why the communication systems have been adapting according with the needs and increasingly demanding requirements of the...