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Análisis socio-técnico sobre el uso comunicacional de los teléfonos inteligentes en los jóvenes universitarios, caso: Universidad Politécnica Salesiana – Campus El Girón
Campos Gaibor, Adrián Francisco (Mar-2018) - [Director: Rosales Peralta, Ricardo Ramiro]
The objective of this article is to carry out a socio-technical communication analysis on the use of mobile technologies, in university students and how it determines the way of communicating and interacting in the life of university students at a personal, academic and professional level, for...
Rol de las redes sociales en la campaña “si pero no” ¿qué mismo es el amor tóxico? de la Universidad Politécnica Salesiana.
Novoa Pérez, Yadira Ximena (Jun-2018) - [Director: Rosales Peralta, Ricardo Ramiro]
Digital social networks offer the possibility of deliberating and coordinating unfettered actions, it is only one element of the communicative processes through which social movements relate to society in general, this research belonging to the Communication and Communication research line....