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Análisis de caudales mediante la transformada Wavelet con aplicación a la estimación de la producción de las centrales hidroeléctricas no regulables
Alemán Quimbiulco, Edy Franklin (Feb-2015) - [Director: Herrera Heredia, Juan Carlos]
The object of this work is to present a methodology for analyzing water flows from the use of Wavelet Transform, where the result of the analysis can allow to consider a different input data for planning in non-regulated hydroelectric plant. Was analyzed, some families with the mathematical...
Análisis de estabilidad transitoria en sistemas de mini aero generación
Huaca Largo, Daniel Homero (Feb-2017) - [Director: Herrera Heredia, Juan Carlos]
This document describe the operational conditions of red micro are analyzed for the supply of load in isolated system. The micro red under study has been modeled according to need that has load and is constituted by a group plus a wind generator. It seeks to determine the stability limits of the...
Análisis de viabilidad técnica del uso de biodiesel en centrales termoeléctricas
Túqueres Oña, Roberto Carlos (Mar-2015) - [Director: Herrera Heredia, Juan Carlos]
In this paper the performance of internal combustion engines and gas turbines that consume fossil fuel for electricity generation in power plants is analyzed. Obtaining biodiesel from vegetable origin, obtained by a process of transesterification of palm oil and its possible physical-chemical...
Análisis del efecto de inyección de armónicos generados en sistemas de mini generación solar distribuida
Asmal Iturralde, Viviana Karina (Jul-2016) - [Director: Herrera Heredia, Juan Carlos]
The objective of this paper is to quantify the distributed solar mini-generation impact on the electric energy quality. For this purpose, an electric grid which is part of the electric supply sources and includes a small photovoltaic system has been analyzed. Two measurement gatherings were done in...
Análisis técnico de la implementación de un sistema SCADA de monitoreo de area extendida(Wams) en el sistema nacional interconectado del Ecuador
Torre Altamirano, Aharon Bhawan de la (Sep-2013) - [Director: Herrera Heredia, Juan Carlos]
The state of the art regarding planning, operation and post-operative analysis of Power Systems requires the use of new tools to extend the operating philosophy used in Electrical Transmission Substations to a power system geographically distributed, that is usually composed by several substations,...
Conversión de pequeñas centrales hidroeléctricas en sistemas reversibles usando energía eólica
Inga Aguilera, Juan Javier (Mar-2015) - [Director: Herrera Heredia, Juan Carlos]
In this thesis research is a methodology to perform the conversion of small hydroelectric power stations in reversible using wind energy, based on technical and financial analysis at pre-feasibility level. Researched strategy consists of a group of pumps to transport back to the reservoir water...
Creación de la normativa para la gestión comercial de generación distribuida fotovoltaica por empresas eléctricas del Ecuador
Galarza Arévalo, Carlos David; Sánchez Jiménez, Óscar José (Sep-2013) - [Director: Herrera Heredia, Juan Carlos]
Abstract-In this paper we present a proposal for financing economic technique photovoltaic generation projects, have been based on legislation in several countries, especially in Europe, without neglecting others like Mexico and Chile who are a little more attached to the Ecuadorian electricity...
Estudio y plan de factibilidad para entregar excedentes de energía renovable fotovoltaica de baja tensión a una empresa distribuidora
López Recalde, Edison Norberto; Garzón López, Juan Andrés (Aug-2013) - [Director: Herrera Heredia, Juan Carlos]
The energy that sun gives us can be used to convert it into electricity through photovoltaic modules, having advantages and disadvantages as all electric energy generation, at the present time is a little-known technology in the country that is developing, photovoltaic cells are connected in series...
Evaluación de la calidad de energía eléctrica en instalaciones fotovoltáicos conectadas a la red de bajo voltaje
Pilatasig Montaluisa, Alexander Danilo (Feb-2015) - [Director: Herrera Heredia, Juan Carlos]
With the growing development of electric energy through renewable generation, this paper aims to make the study of the quality of electricity that produces a photovoltaic system connected to the network in a building (SFCR). Theoretical and practical research is done, for which performance data...
Impacto de la generación eólica distribuida sobre las pérdidas técnicas en la red eléctrica
Yánez Rivadeneira, Holguer Eduardo (Feb-2015) - [Director: Herrera Heredia, Juan Carlos]
This draft thesis develops a modeling components of a Power System allows to study the behavior of Distributed Generation on Technical Losses in the Network; are designed and modeled system characteristics with real data of each of the components of the electrical power system as are bars,...