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Danza contemporánea y hegemonía local.
Sánchez Arcos, Viviana del Carmen (Mar-2017) - [Director: Delgado Torres, Gin Eduardo]
Through this essay is reflected on contemporary dance as a tool that allows instituting in the subjectivity of people aesthetic discourses that mold the individual. The approach to dance interpretation changes radically by making consent to the exercise of power in areas as diverse as artistic...
La estrategia de desarrollo comunitario en Rio Chico.
Yépez Yépez, Juan José (Nov-2016) - [Director: Delgado Torres, Gin Eduardo]
This investigation systematizes the experience of the Community-Based Inclusive Development Strategy, which is known as "Community Based Rehabilitation" (RBC), in disabled people from Rio Chico circuit, located in Portoviejo in the province of Manabí. The study was carried out between the months of...
Sistematización de la experiencia voto electrónico, elecciones seccionales 2014, en la provincia del Azuay desde la aceptación de la ciudadanía y organizaciones políticas en su aplicación
Valarezo Aguirre, Matilde Teresa (Oct-2016) - [Director: Delgado Torres, Gin Eduardo]
This systematization, analyzes the feasibility and impact of implementing the vote mail in Ecuador, as a pilot project, specifically in the Province Azuay, the result of a highly media world that generates strong demands and expectations of access to information in real time and product...