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Memoria social de las lavanderías populares casos :“Chiriyacu”, “De los milagros” y “La Ermita”
Cajiao Oviedo, David Alejandro; Páez Peralta, Adriana del Carmen (Mar-2015) - [Director: Paredes Ortiz, Isabel Antonia]
The current document presents in detail the studies and the field investigation made with the main objective of revalue the public laundries. The results will be embodied in a magazine which is to be elaborated with its basis on the collected information. The presentation and revaluation of the...
Producción de un video para vincular adolescentes en situación de vulnerabilidad al proyecto salesiano Talleres Escuela San Patricio Tespa
Paz Estévez, Evelyn Dayana; Gallegos Ochoa, Carlos Alejandro (May-2015) - [Director: Paredes Ortiz, Isabel Antonia]
“TESPA an option for the future” is an infomercial that shows the Centro de Formación Talleres Escuela San Patricio’s labor, here teenagers between 15 and 20 years old get trained in an academic, crafty and technical way. They can choice the specialties that they prefer: general mechanics, motor...
Representación de lo marginal y desigualdad en la expresión artística del rap quiteño.
Herrera Herrera, Paúl Alexander (Aug-2018) - [Director: Paredes Ortiz, Isabel Antonia]
The research analyzes the speech of representative Hip Hop culture songs in the city of Quito, in order to identify the probles of marginal and social inequality, this parses two songs from a musical group and an artist, representative of this musical genre, like Mugre Sur and Marmota. Bardin's...
Video documental de las representaciones sociales de la cultura urbana Straight Edge en Quito.
Arroba Alarcón, Daniel Mauricio; Vallejo Ponce, Christian Alejandro (Jul-2017) - [Director: Paredes Ortiz, Isabel Antonia]
The documentary video entitled "MANTENTE FIRME" was held in the city of Quito - Ecuador, with the purpose of analyzing the social representations that are manifested in the urban culture Straight Edge, so people would be able to understand it is different expressions, and in this way It shows an...
Video reportaje sobre el lenguaje no verbal del Presidente Rafael Correa en los enlaces ciudadanos del mes de junio del 2015.
Miño Flores, Danny Andrés; Paredes Ortiz, Isabel Antonia (Aug-2016) - [Director: Paredes Ortiz, Isabel Antonia]
The policy has achieved a high degree of persuasion in the population and even more in television; aware of that, political leaders have continuously adjusting their speeches to the guidelines of this audiovisual means harder to convince the audience as well as virtual supporters. Currently,...
Video reportaje sobre los grafitis de “Acción Ortográfica en Quito
Salcedo Nicolalde, Johanna Nathaly (Feb-2017) - [Director: Paredes Ortiz, Isabel Antonia]
The video report briefly talks about graffiti and how it has changed the way to establish an alternative communication, so in the capital city creates a collective that corrects graffiti that have some spelling lack in order to raise awareness of society. Compilation of images, followed by the...
Video reportaje sobre procesos de comunicación-educación popular en talleres de Hip Hop, con jóvenes privados de libertad, del Proyecto “Liberarte” en el DM, Quito 2012 - 2017
Cisneros Pérez, Juan Francisco (Mar-2019) - [Director: Paredes Ortiz, Isabel Antonia]
El presente estudio busca analizar el papel de la comunicación-educación popular y el Hip Hop, en el desarrollo de programas de reinserción social entre jóvenes privados de libertad. Para ello se utiliza la investigación cualitativa y la metodología etnográfica valiéndose de la técnica de...