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Predicción con series de tiempo para la optimización de la demanda eléctrica residencial
Tasinchana Chicaiza, Diego Fernando (Dec-2015) - [Director: García Torres, Edwin Marcelo]
This draft develops a modeling allows to predict the behavior of annual electricity demand residential, is to say to forecast values to take in certain times. In this investigation draft alone is considered to residential level, having as need to minimize costs of energy electric consumption to...
Procedimiento técnico para la implementación de micro centrales eléctricas utilizando paneles fotovoltaicos
Ortega Hidalgo, Oscar Iván; Boada Carabalí, Andrés Guillermo (Dec-2013) - [Director: García Torres, Edwin Marcelo]
The study of solar energy has experienced big steeps over the years as the planet on which we live is at an end point in terms of environmental devastation. It is necessary that population do anything to preserve the environment in which we live. Designs of micro power plants using photovoltaic...
Programación de recursos para una óptima respuesta a la demanda por la penetración de energía renovable en micro-redes
Jáuregui Méndez, Gissela Rocío (Jan-2018) - [Director: García Torres, Edwin Marcelo]
With the transition from traditional electricity grids to smart grid (SG), challenges are continually presented to manage all the energy and technological resources that the SG has, always seeking to provide the customer with a quality product at the lowest cost. Based on the aforementioned, this...
Pronóstico de la demanda eléctrica residencial basado en el modelo de regresión adaptativa mulltivariante spline (MARS)
Ortiz Alvarado, Miguel Eduardo (Dec-2015) - [Director: García Torres, Edwin Marcelo]
A problem to be solved much interest in engineering is to determine the behavior of the electricity demand of users over time, because this does not have a linear characteristic and is also subject to a wide variety of exogenous variables, including the prevailing weather conditions, time of year,...
Redimensionamiento y automatización de la máquina de taladrado y roscado de piezas modelo Diedesheim LSA-4 para la empresa FV
Almeida Bermeo, Diego Alejandro; Pachacama Caiza, Josué Santiago (Jul-2012) - [Director: García Torres, Edwin Marcelo]
The activities of the company "FV-Franz Viegener Area Andina S.A." is the manufacture and sale of faucets, being currently the industry leader of Ecuador and other Latin American markets. The manufacture of faucet requires several processes, among which is the drilling and tapping of metal...
Respuesta de la demanda de electricidad de una red de área industrial basada en alta incertidumbre
Barahona Quelal, Bayardo Julián (Feb-2017) - [Director: García Torres, Edwin Marcelo]
The demand response study (DR) for industries search an efficient and optimal use for the energy using an optimization algorithm who is fed by a prediction mechanism of the demand with historical data, operated by Markov chains and the Monte Carlo method. This algorithm determines the probability...
Respuesta de la demanda eléctrica basado en el modelo Markoviano
Ayala Hernández, Gabriel Andrés (Jun-2016) - [Director: García Torres, Edwin Marcelo]
In this document the effects of programs demand response (DR) to be implemented in a power system are described. RD's contribution to the network is calculated using the elasticity of demand under two rate-setting mechanisms: price-based and incentive-based. A mathematical modeling is developed to...
Uso eficiente del consumo de energía eléctrica residencial basado en el método Montecarlo
Oña Cuestas, Byron Manuel (Dec-2015) - [Director: García Torres, Edwin Marcelo]
The regulation, control and optimization in residential workloads are the main issues that now need to be evaluated and taken into account in the decision making in the future growth of residential loads, since this represents not only the losses by amento appliances but also losses by heat. This...