An Ecosystem Called University

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Title: An Ecosystem Called University
Authors: Salgado-Guerrero, Juan Pablo
Abstract: This book is dedicated to the university as a protagonist of change. Its purpose is to see the university as a place where the lines between organization and system are fluid, where the whole is more than the sum of its parts, and the product is knowledge as an end, a means and a way of developing the individual (critical sense) and its interaction with the environment (instrumental reason). The book seeks throughout to foster the image of the Ecosystem University as being a producer of novelty, where the only certainty is uncertainty. The university undergoes a process of permanent spiral growth - the spiral of knowledge without any control of causality - and creating, through its environment, responsible citizens, and free-thinking persons. The Ecosystem University is undeTTast that is assumed in the present. Our work to rediscover the natural feel of an ecosystem embedded in the university and the rich experience of community will take us by the hand and lead us, proud professors, to the purest origin of human knowledge with a flair of joie de vivre: the refreshing purity of the new and the authentic value of ingenuity that will allow us to be ourselves in that very moment: a community that self-organizes, builds projects of life and culture, and determines its own destiny.
Issue Date: 11-May-2021
ISBN: 978-9978-10-562-7
Language: eng
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