Estudio de la infraestructura de medición avanzada(AMI), principales requerimientos y beneficios

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Title: Estudio de la infraestructura de medición avanzada(AMI), principales requerimientos y beneficios
Authors: Morán Mora, Omar Enrique
Ortiz Fernández, Luis Franklin
Advisor: Espinosa Gualotuña, Santiago Raúl
Abstract: AMI es un importante avance tecnológico para incorporar a los consumidores medidores electrónicos capaces de obtener mediciones de energía de una forma más precisa, eficiente y, obtener información del consumo de energía eléctrica en tiempo real y ser transmitido atreves de un sistema de comunicación a las Empresas Distribuidoras al mismo tiempo, proporcionará a las Empresas de Distribución la capacidad de detectar problemas en sus sistemas y gestionar la demanda, con el fin de operar más eficientemente.
Translated abstract: This work investigated the AMI technology - Advanced Metering Infrastructure, its main components, requirements and benefits. This document is a proposal that allow the execution of feasibility studies of AMI technology projects that will be implemented in electricity distribution companies. Nowadays there is a growing emphasis on improving the energy markets efficiency, optimizing the supply’s security and the correct use of energy saving benefits. One of the electricity company’s problems is the lack of standards, as response, the CIM-Common Information Model" has been designed. The CIM offers a new perspective "object oriented" for distributed resources. Through this representation as "objects", the way that a resource is described is generic. What is characteristic for each resource is the value of the attributes that has. This model is described in the IEC 61970 and IEC 61968, which is explained in this project, mainly the Standard Interface for monitoring and meter reading (MR) IEC 61968-9. Furthermore, this paper argues that the tendency to implement standards such as IEC 61970/61968 involves the use of UML-Unified Modeling Language. In addition, the analysis performed provides an overview of new measurement technologies through the examination of international trends and various components of AMI systems. Then the impact of costs - benefits of the smart metering and distribution system will be study in order to determinate the economic risk. After, we will study the conditions in Europe, North America and Australia, and determinate how countries and regions have variances in their approaches and how these differences have had an impact on their policy. In fact, in our country there are many electricity power distribution companies that suffer losses in the electrical power delivered area, because of unaffected control component’s, the resulted: the total energy input which is purchased to the generators is different to the total energy charged to the customers. An analysis cost- benefit for a pilot project is been done in two electricity power distribution inside the country.
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Language: spa
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