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Title: Diseño de guías para prácticas de laboratorio en la carrera de ingeniería eléctrica del campus Kennedy
Authors: Carrión Galarza, Diego Francisco
Advisor: Inga Ortega, Esteban Mauricio
Issue Date: Dec-2010
Abstract: The following investigation has been conducted in order to develop a new lab program that meets both today’s academic level and professional level for the Universidad Politecnica Salesiana Sede Quito Campus Kennedy. The new program is focused on having students learn how to work effectively in groups, be autodidactic, promote investigation and become better professionals by using the scientific and experimental methods to complete all the exercises in the program. Each one of the lab guides that have been created includes all the theoretical information needed by the student in order to solve and complete given exercises. The guide also gives the students an example of how to solve the problem, the bibliography and a challenge designed to help the student acquire new knowledge and practice which will be useful in their professional life. Universidad Politecnica Salesiana is confident that with the preparation they give each and every one of their students they will form individuals that will be competent and ready to take on the challenges of a society which is continually evolving and in search of new technologies. The new lab program has been designed to use in extent all the materials the Universidad Politecnica Salesiana has acquired for the new lab program.
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