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Title: Estudio de la demanda para el dimensionamiento y fiscalización del montaje de generadores estacionarios par el campus Girón
Authors: Cuenca Churo, Miguel Angel
Enríquez Guillen, Francisco Javier
Advisor: Méndez Feijoo, Fausto Rodrigo
Issue Date: 13-Jun-2012
Abstract: The purpose of this research is to deliver a job that consists in the design and sizing of the emergency electrical system that provides a significant advance for the Salesiana Polytechnic University campus Girón, without compromising the administrative work hours and school hours for students. The design and sizing of the Salesiana Polytechnic University campus Girón Emergency Electrical System born from the need to provide a continuous electrical service, satisfying the electrical energy needs in the different working areas of the administrative personal and of teachers. In this sense, the research work has been structured in such a way to define in general terms the different steps for the realization of the design and sizing of the emergency electrical system, this is, from the emergency generator group to the farthest load. This research project consists of five chapters: the first chapter allows to know how is the Salesiana Polytechnic University campus Girón electrically and how is the equipment to be used for the load census. The second chapter refers to the determination of the load and of installed demand. The third chapter orders the conceptual elements and theoretical bases suitable for the design and sizing of the emergency electrical system. The fourth chapter is the core of the research, because, in this chapter, all calculations are performed for the correct sizing of the emergency generator group with their respective automatic transfer boards, protections and drivers. In the referential budget are contained the economic technical analysis and the corresponding implementation feasibility, because in this chapter was realized the total project investment analysis, in order to make a viable project in the short and medium term. The fifth chapter discusses the test protocols of emergency generator groups to be installed. Thus, this work allows to give the necessary guidelines and guidance needed for the implementation of the emergency generator groups. The whole process of design and sizing is based on the right application of technical and economic criteria, to ensure a XXII lifetime of equipment, thus providing a continuous work in the administrative and teaching work hours and satisfying the expectations of all the people who make the Salesiana Polytechnic University campus Girón.
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