The University-Commune

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Title: The University-Commune
Authors: Herrán Gómez, Javier sdb
Juncosa Blasco, José Enrique
Salgado, Juan Pablo
Salgado Guerrero, Bernardo
Carrera Hidalgo, Paola
Morandi, Anahí
Torres-Toukoumidis, Ángel
Moreno, Daniela
Altamirano Chingay, Karla
Salazar Costa, Paula
Szadkowski, Krystian
Abstract: In this new book we return to the challenge of deepening the task to the point of imagining the university formed by commoner university students. It is a turn, a new place from which to name and reconsider community management and action from a sense of co-responsibility for the commons that we must guarantee so that the common project prevails and achieves long-term self-sustainability.This is what the seven articles in this book are about, which calls into question what it means for the university to be and act according to economic principles and logics (giving, receiving, undertaking), social (distribution of roles and benefits) and policies (agreements, consensus, participation and assignment of responsibilities) of the commune. The institutional dimension is important but the vitality, the sense of belonging and the profound strength of the Salesian university project depend much more on the commons logic. Feeling of the commons is not a possibility among many others. We are convinced that, in order to take on this project, it is necessary to transcend institutional, business logic and state regulations. Therefore, the university-commune is the way and, perhaps, the only one possible. University and Common Goods Research Group Universidad Politécnica Salesiana
Keywords: COMMUNE
Issue Date: 10-Oct-2019
ISBN: 978-99978-10-387-6
Language: eng
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