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Construcción de memoria colectiva a través de las coplas en las festividades de Cayambe
Jibaja Luje, Jessenia Guadalupe (Aug-2018) - [Director: Escobar Torres, Johanna Francisca]
Cultural expressions are important elements in the history of the province of Pichincha; The present article arose with the idea of observing the construction of collective memory through couples. The ancestral cultural practices promoted by people, educational institutions and the community were...
Documental sobre la identidad montubia en el cantón Rocafuerte, provincia de Manabí
Bravo Vélez, Diego Fabián (Aug-2018) - [Director: Naranjo Delgado, Cristina Satyavati]
Historically, Ecuadorian citizen use to recognize themselves as mixed, white, indigenous or afro descendent people, but exist another group of citizen who are exposing their presence on political, social and cultural scene in Ecuador. They are claiming for them rights in Constitutional Law,...
El cierre de las escuelas comunitarias y su incidencia en el proceso educativo : análisis de caso en la comunidad Talatac, parroquia Zumbahua
Latacunga Pastuña, Blanca Iralda (Aug-2018) - [Director: Iza Remache, Rosa Aurora]
The present work has been developed from the effects and consequences that the closing of the school "Edison Ernesto Mendoza Enríquez" has generated in the Zumbahua parish. The institution in which the research is to be carried out is a school located in a rural sector, with a distinctly indigenous...
Prácticas cotidianas, ritualidad y reproducción social : el hueso sazonador en la comunidad afrochoteña.
Chalá Mosquera, Katherine Iveth (Aug-2018) - [Director: Egüiguren Egüiguren, María Amparo]
The present ethnography aims to contribute to the understanding of the complex social, cultural and identity framework of afrochoteñidad, based on the collective memory of exchange practices (the "cambeo"), expressed in the "seasoning bone" seen as a symbol or vehicle of social cohesion within the...