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Jóvenes pobres, abandonados y en peligro o víctimas, de la experiencia educativa de Don Bosco: una interpretación desde la teoría crítica
Plasencia Llanos, Vicente Ramiro (Mar-2013) - [Director: Díaz Salazar, Holger Rodrigo]
This current research is an interpretation of the young who are poor, abandoned and at risk of educational the experience of Don Bosco in the light of the Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School, which lets us understand them as victims of the system and the social structure of the nineteenth...
La incidencia del abandono familiar en el proceso de deterioro cognitivo en adultos mayores institucionalizados de la residencia Santa Catalina Labouré
Guevara Santillán, Tatiana Maritza; Yépez Serrano, María Daniela (Dec-2014) - [Director: Paladines Jaramillo, Manuel Fernando]
This research Project is founded in the evaluation of the levels and types of familiar abandonment of senior citizens admitted into a social protection institution, in order to identify possible causes of cognitive deterioration. The importance of this research lies in that effectively identifying...