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Inventario de especies arbóreas de la zona urbana del Cantón Cayambe
Lechón Quilumbaquín, Luis Alonso (May-2010) - [Director: Tafur Recalde, Valdano Leopoldo]
The Inventory of arboreal species of the urban area of the Canton Cayambe, is the topic of the product that was carried out like work of Investigation, which allows to determine the total quantification of trees and existent bushes in the parks, parterres, streets, gardens, public educational...
Redes de alimentos y producción artesanal en la parroquia Gonzáles Suárez - cantón Otavalo :Un aporte al análisis de la soberanía alimentaria
Lechón Quilumbaquín, Luis Alonso (Apr-2015) - [Director: Egüiguren Egüiguren, María Amparo]
This thesis is about a research topic relevant to current events: food networks and their contribution to food sovereignty. The first chapter discusses important definitions by different authors related to food sovereignty, food networks and handicraft production. It also analyzes laws, policies,...