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Propuesta de acompañamiento espiritual a adolescentes de primero de bachillerato de la UESTAR, mediante el análisis de los factores constructivos de sus identidades
Romero Paguay, Nancy Germania (Mar-2012) - [Director: Gallegos Navas, Miriam Mariana de Jesús]
This research attempts to answer at one of the major problems experienced by the adolescents: the lack of listening, they aren´t accompanied in their integral and harmonic growth process. They need to be welcomed, valued, from his own experiences, because in them, they build and shape their...
Propuesta de diseño microcurricular para el área de formación cristiana y valores de la Unidad Educativa “San Vicente de Paúl”
Romero Paguay, Nancy Germania (Jul-2013) - [Director: Ortiz Espinoza, María Elena]
In this thesis a non-significant curricular adaptation, ie adaptation in terms of time, activities, methodology, techniques and tools for evaluation, applied only to the area of Christian and Values Training was conducted.