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Diseño definitivo de la Avenida "Padre Carollo" ubicada en la Provincia de Pichincha, cantón Quito, parroquias Quitumbe-Turubamba
Chulca Simbaña, Paúl Giovanny; León Lomas, Milton Eduardo; Ligña Quinaucho, Lucia Maribel; Sangoluisa Llumiquinga, Andrea Elizabeth (Jul-2014) - [Director: Tupiza Simbaña, Leonardo]
We have developed the final project studies Av. Padre Carollo, located in the city of Quito in the South-East sector Turubamba parish. As part of these studies, the design of the center of the track in plan and profile was made considering the topographical failures as Quebrada El Conde, which beat...
Diseño definitivo de la vía de borde del camino de los Incas; ubicada en la provincia de Pichincha, cantón Quito, parroquias Quitumbe y Turubamba
Aucanshala Pilatuña, Cristian Benjamín; Carvajal Sanatana, Bolívar Israel; Valverde Pérez, Marco Antonio (May-2015) - [Director: Tupiza Simbaña, Leonardo]
The present work of the career of Civil Engineering has like topic" Definitive Design of the Road of Border to the one on the way to the Inca." This study understands a design vial in which have been considered two important aspects as they are in the first place it to improve the access vial of...