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Localización de fallas en sistemas de transmisión eléctrica usando sensado comprimido
Iza Puruncajas, Alvaro Javier (Jul-2018) - [Director: Ruiz Maldonado, Milton Gonzalo]
In the present investigation, we develop a methodology that refers to the location of faults in transmission systems using compressed sensing (CS). A model is develop with the advantages of the algorithm Least Squares (LS), Basic Pursuit (BP) and Orthogonal Matching Pursuit (OMP), which provides a...
Localización de fallas en sistemas eléctricos de distribución basados en impedancia aparente utilizando el método de Ratan Das.
Ruiz Yange, Cristhian René (Jul-2018) - [Director: Ruiz Maldonado, Milton Gonzalo]
This document presents the Ratan Das method. This method allows the location of faults in distribution systems with branches. The method employs the computation of apparent impedance at the moment a fault occurs. It considers prefault voltages and currents phasor of nodes that are down and...
Modelación de gestión de energía eléctrica para Smart Home mediante una tarjeta raspberry PI.
Espinel Álvarez, Santiago Xavier (Jul-2018) - [Director: Ruiz Maldonado, Milton Gonzalo]
This document presents a description of electrical management to perform proportional control in lighting with a Pareto optimization, mainly focused on residential luminaires and specifically with modeling in LED lamps (lighting with light emitting diodes). The proposed model manages and reduces...
Sistemas de gestión de energía para Smart Home basados en android
Pineda Valdivieso, Orlando Andrés (Apr-2018) - [Director: Ruiz Maldonado, Milton Gonzalo]
The present investigation makes an analysis of the state and energy consumption of the devices within an intelligent environment. Based on the ISO 50001 standard, an Energy Management System has been designed. This system consists of a database fed by smart strips that take the data of...
Ubicación de fallas en redes de distribución eléctrica basado en sensado comprimido.
López Cadena, Milton David (Jul-2018) - [Director: Ruiz Maldonado, Milton Gonzalo]
In this article, refers on the location of faults in the electrical distribution networks based on compressed sensing, it consists in the reconstruction of decomposed current signals by means of wavelet transform. It described method makes the location of faults optimum distribution systems to...