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La planificación de desarrollo y ordenamiento territorial frente al desarrollo local.
Morales Uchupanta, José Rafael (Sep-2016) - [Director: Mena Carrera, Cecilia Elizabeth]
This paper analyzes the Development and Land Management Plan (PDOT) of Ibarra Council, administration (2010-2014), focusing in the conditions and quality of life of the population of Ibarra County. This essay puts emphasized on the rural part of the County, with special emphasis on Angochagua...
Pulsando el cambio, propuesta a un nuevo paradigma : economía alternativa.
Bravo Álvarez, Sofía Katherine (Mar-2018) - [Director: Mena Carrera, Cecilia Elizabeth]
One of the most urgent debates that has been brought by the turn of the century — with its social, environmental, political, economic and cultural peculiarities — for societies and social sciences, examines pathways to overcome the so-called civilizational crisis. That is, a set of global...