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Itinerario de educación en la fe para los animadores de los oratorios salesianos de la ciudad de Guayaquil.
Acosta Naranjo, Henry Wladimir (May-2013) - [Director: Martínez, Carlos Rodrigo]
The offer of itinerary of education in the faith for the animators of salesians oratories of Guayaquil, wants to be an application of the General Salesiano XXIII Chapter. Her starting point is the reality of the animators and the urgent need to accompany them in the process of their ripeness in the...
Proceso de envagelización para los jóvenes de octavo de básica. Estudio de caso en la unidad educativa a distancia Mario Rizzini
Pinos Verdugo, Santiago (Jun-2013) - [Director: Martínez, Carlos Rodrigo]
This study is a response to the pressing need to show the figure of Jesus to young people, and in this particular case to the students of Unidad Educativa a Distancia Mario Rizzini. The evangelist intentions have been put aside by many factors such as: an irregular process of ongoing training by...