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Análisis de composición y diversidad de herpetofauna en bosques húmedos del Cantón Mejía con diferentes niveles de intervención antrópica
Martínez Boada, María Belén (Mar-2017) - [Director: Lozano Haro, Zayda Jacqueline]
In Ecuador, the loss of biodiversity is associated with the impacts caused by human intervention, which, in turn, threatens the ecological and evolutionary processes of the various natural environments, affecting the quality of life of its inhabitants. For this reason, it’s important to have the...
Análisis del estado de conservación de anfibios en zonas con diferentes niveles de disturbio en la provincia de Pichincha
Salazar Naranjo, Daniel Alejandro (Apr-2018) - [Director: Lozano Haro, Zayda Jacqueline]
Amphibian populations are affected mainly by climate change and the fragmentation of hábitat, the same which are originated from human form. For this reason it was know the distribution of the different species of amphibians, catalougued as: VULNERABLE, IN DANGER AND CRITICALLY ENDANGERED in the...