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Diseño de un modelo de competencias para las personas con discapacidad que laboran en la Universidad Politécnica Salesiana
Maldonado Caiza, Sandra Estefanía; Hernández Torres, Geovanna Fernanda (May-2015) - [Director: Lascano Polo, Juan Edison]
The following work is focused on a competency model for the employers of the Polytechnique Salesian University of Quito who have some kind of disability, in order to propose a practical and methodic model for valuation by the use of the Hay methodology, to identify the skills required for each...
“Diseño de un plan de gestión de riesgos laborales para empresas textiles en el DM. Quito, caso Colchatex
Paredes López, Jonathan Mauricio (Feb-2015) - [Director: Lascano Polo, Juan Edison]
This paper aims at developing a minimum plan of prevention of occupational risks for the company SAMIRA DASSUM - COLCHATEX, it is divided into three chapters. The first chapter analyze the current legislation in our country such as the code of labor and social security law, on the other hand,...
Diseño de un sistema de gestión de seguridad y saluda ocupacional aplicado a Moldec S.A. basada en los normas OHSAS
Flores Ortiz, Lisette Marisela; Lucero Veloz, Jenny Priscila (May-2015) - [Director: Lascano Polo, Juan Edison]
This thesis was conducted at Moldec S.A., a company engaged in manufacturing of moldings in wood. We are working in the proposal of an implementation in the near future; of which consist of designing a System for Occupational Safety and Health based on OHSAS 18001 standards. This system in...