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Análisis de generación distribuida en hogares y edificaciones
Chuqui Quinteros, Manuel Milton (Dec-2014) - [Director: Gallardo Quingatuña, Carlos Fabián]
This work presents a comprehensive overview of Distributed Generation, as well as various forms of convenient application to get the greatest benefit when implemented in homes and buildings. Besides a description of the various advantages and disadvantages of such generation is presented,...
Mitigación de la distorción armónica de un SEP mediante filtros pasivos sintonizados modelado en Matlab
Aguirre Topa, Paul Fernando (Aug-2016) - [Director: Gallardo Quingatuña, Carlos Fabián]
the power quality of a power system by eliminating the harmonic distortion, with reference to the standard IEEE519-2014, where it has been stablished recommended practice and requirements for harmonic control in electric power systems. To reduce the THD has been used RLC circuits tuned to...
Ubicación óptima de los PMU en un sistema eléctrico de potencia
Villa Moya, Jaime Eloy (Feb-2015) - [Director: Gallardo Quingatuña, Carlos Fabián]
This draft thesis develops a methodology that analyzes and determines the optimal location of a PMU location that allows to monitor real time the electric power systems , considering rules that minimizes the amount of PMU devices and in turn the option analyze the best places to placing them in an...