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Control el perfil de voltaje a través de la determinación óptima de taps aplicada en MATLAB
Nolivos Calvache, Edison Isaac (Feb-2015) - [Director: Espinoza Benítez, Xavier Ernesto]
This paper presents a program to help determine the initial state of an electric power system through power flows using the Newton Raphson iterative method, for based on the results obtained initially to determine the bars that are outside voltage limits established between 0,95 and 1,05 p.u....
Optimización del flujo de potencia en el sistema eléctrico ecuatoriano con programación no lineal bajo MATLAB
Quille Pinto, Freddy Simón (Feb-2015) - [Director: Espinoza Benítez, Xavier Ernesto]
The theme proposed for the development of this work is to determine optimal operating point of the Ecuadorian Electric System to analyze and minimize losses, this involves the study of optimal power flow has the advantage of solving economic offices and minimize losses simultaneously. Other...