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Artículo: La vida entre fuego cruzado, crónica de un corresponsal de guerra.
Aguirre Andagoya, Mayra Alejandra (Dec-2014) - [Director: Ciudad Rioja, Laura]
This work was performed taking into account various sources to show the process that performs the "war correspondent". In order to make known to man remains in covering armed conflict. This research is relevant to students and scholars in the world of communication. The reader will find evidence of...
Influencia de la propaganda electoral emitida por televisión durante el periodo electoral diciembre 2012 – febrero 2013, en el proceso de sufragio facultativo.
Soria Silva, Silvia Maribel; Villarroel Naranjo, Lizeth Belén (May-2014) - [Director: Ciudad Rioja, Laura]
This research attempts to carry out an analysis of the inclusion of teenagers in the political process and citizen participation in Ecuador. At the same time it introduces the Citizenship as the key player that provides and individual or collective relationship with the State, in order to...