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Análisis de contenido de la información de El Comercio y El Telégrafo sobre el caso Chevron-Texaco en Ecuador
Cevallos Hidalgo, Ana Katherine (Nov-2015) - [Director: Checa Montúfar, Blasco Fernando]
The enforcement of a content analysis of journalistic information given about the situation generated by the case Chevron-Texaco in Ecuador, since March to May 2014, is of great importance, trying to prove whether press of Ecuador has a position marked in favor, against or neutral in terms of the...
Análisis de discurso de la Ley Orgánica de Bienestar Animal.
Duque Arteaga, Ivanova Karolina (Jan-2016) - [Director: Checa Montúfar, Blasco Fernando]
This article aims to analyze the journalistic discourse of El Comercio and El Telégrafo on the events around the Animal Welfare Organic Law, published during the period October 2014-May 2015, a period of more news about flow is law. For this the method of discourse analysis proposed by Teun...
Análisis de la información periodística sobre la pugna entre el CNE y Yasunidos.
Burbano Urresta, Lissette Stefanía (Feb-2016) - [Director: Checa Montúfar, Blasco Fernando]
This research focuses on discourse analysis of the press coverage about the conflict between Yasunidos and CNE, as in the digital versions of two Ecuadorian daily El Universo and The Telegraph, published in the months of April, May and June 2014, when the which projects the problem. This...
Análisis del discurso antisistema de la cultura urbana punk en Quito.
Zapata Lozano, Juan Carlos. (Nov-2015) - [Director: Checa Montúfar, Blasco Fernando]
This article explores the mechanism, elements and resources that build a countersystem discourse of punks in Quito, since interviews of two generations of young punks from Quito, in which evidenced the characteristic elements, creators of discourse. The body narrative, the music and use of...