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Incidencia del apoyo municipal a la asociación de agroproductores de la parroquia de Pintag a partir del año 2013
Arias Cárdenas, Adela Margarita (Aug-2016) - [Director: Castro Medina , Ana Janeth]
The present work represents an effort to enhance the process for creating The Association of Agricultural Producers located in San Isidro’s neighborhood, the positive impact related with the participation of Municipality of Quito during the process, mainly during 2013-2015, contributing to the...
La agricultura familiar campesina y comercialización directa :caminos hacia el buen vivir en el cantón Cotacachi
Lanchimba Guandinango, María Elena (Apr-2016) - [Director: Castro Medina , Ana Janeth]
The present article seeks to make a contribution to the analysis and discussion of the importance of family farming and direct marketing in the construction of buen vivir or sumak kawsay in Cotacachi. This subject comes from a need to demonstrate concrete actions and progress made in each of...
La organización juvenil : experiencia del Centro Juvenil Parada “J” de la provincia y cantón Esmeraldas hasta el año 2014
Ponce Bustillos, Ximena del Carmen; Rosales Carabaliz, Adriana Amarili (Jun-2016) - [Director: Castro Medina , Ana Janeth]
The population of Esmeraldas has been characterized by the evidence of signs of worrisome poverty, lack of social participation, and especially for conditions of discrimination; all with greater emphasis after the Ecuador’s economic crisis in the late nineties and its consequences for the...
Los gobiernos descentralizados y las hidroeléctricas :caso proyecto hidroeléctrico La Victoria, parroquia Cuyuja, cantón Quijos, provincia de Napo, año 2012-2014.
Goyes Vallejo, Lady Elizabeth; Chasipanta Tipantiza, Sonia Victoria (May-2016) - [Director: Castro Medina , Ana Janeth]
The systematization attempts to reflect the mechanisms of negotiation, coordination and control, as well as major critical nodes and the different perceptions that generate about as complex as the presence of hydropower in a given territory subject. The case of Hidroelectrica La Victoria in...