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La comunicación y su revalorización cultural dentro de los procesos de desarrollo local sostenible de la parroquia afro Salinas cantón Ibarra provincia de Imbabura.
Jiménez Lastra, Jéssica Ivonne (Jun-2014) - [Director: Sánchez Montoya, Roberto Miguel]
The following research paper a thorough analysis of the processes of development in the Afro-Ecuadorian parish of Salinas, while these processes with a reconstruction of the African identity and communication relate is performed. In the parish of Salinas, some time ago we have developed different...
Los discursos mediáticos sobre el socialismo del siglo XXI de Rafael Correa en 2008.
Valencia Loor, Joan Vladimir (Nov-2018) - [Director: Sánchez Montoya, Roberto Miguel]
The socialism of the 21st century emerges as an alternative response of Latin America to achieve development after the neo-liberal proposals of the Washington Consensus failed, leading several countries of the region to economic and social crises. This proposal was born from several authors such as...
Medios de comunicación privados y oposición política.
Lizarzaburo Palomino, Renata Gabriela (May-2016) - [Director: Sánchez Montoya, Roberto Miguel]
In Ecuador the private media have historically been linked to major economic groups. This connection allowed them to establish business with the State to live in harmony with it and also enjoy a kind of legal immunity. When Rafael Correa was elected as president in 2007 this situation...
Producto audiovisual sobre la mendicidad en el Centro Histórico de Quito.
Pérez Ramos, Vanessa Nicole (Nov-2018) - [Director: Sánchez Montoya, Roberto Miguel]
Through the present communicative product, begging will be evident in the Historic Center of Quito (CHQ), the research was based on relevant information from the institutions of the State working with the vulnerable sectors of society. For in this way verify the work that is being done in terms of...
Video documental sobre la promoción de soberanía alimentaria, a través de programas de agricultura urbana
Zambrano Martínez, María Belén (Apr-2016) - [Director: Sánchez Montoya, Roberto Miguel]
The present communication product documents the reality of a group of women who found a means of subsistence and personal development in the production of urban gardens. They are vulnerable women, single mothers, heads of household or housewives who took a turn in his life to become...