The Educational Institute-Common Good. Governance, innovation and venture

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Title: The Educational Institute-Common Good. Governance, innovation and venture
Authors: Herrán Gómez, Javier sdb
Salgado-Guerrero, Juan Pablo
Juncosa Blasco, José Enrique
Soriano Cevallos, Belén
Carrera Hidalgo, Paola
Álvarez Morales, Gabriela
Izquieta Chevez, Victoria
Altamirano Chingay, Karla
Abstract: These articles refer to the topic that must be worked to generate changes and sustain them from educational institutions acting from the inside out and from the lowest point to the highest. It is expressed fully only when people conforming the educational community are identified around the governability of the common goods in relation to which they assume the dual role of appropriators and providers. That coincidence awakens vital compromises, boosts co-responsibility, and triggers transformations. The production, developed by the "University and the Common Well-being" Research Group from the Salesian Polytechnic University (UPS) is a contribution to the exercise of being citizens in Salesian educational structures. The first part imagines the Salesian Educational Center as a common good and unfolds its effects on the management of resources, collective decisions, the ethics of the commons, and its forms of knowledge and action. The second part proposes to contextualize and resignify the experience of the UPS research/innovation/entrepreneurship ecosystem in the life of educational centers, according to the reality of middle and high school education.
Issue Date: 14-Sep-2022
ISBN: 978-9978-10-718-8
Language: eng
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