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Estructura y operatividad de los clusters en el sector microempresarial de lácteos en la provincia de Pichincha
Cortéz Parreño, Irina Alexandra (Jan-2005) - [Director: López, Luis Alberto]
Faced with this reality, this research aims to make a proposal on the formation of a CLUSTER that in some way Lighten the plight of small milk producers, and also promotes the development of farmers through a partnership of families engaged in the same activity and work together.
Expansión del cyber café-video bar "Punto y Aparte" en el cantón La Concordia.
Estévez Guerrero, José Ernesto (Mar-2012) - [Director: López, Luis Alberto]
This research will help us identify an expansion mechanism through which we can improve the services currently offered, achieving greater satisfaction on the client in order to achieve sustained and continuous growth despite competition can emerge as threats to the business despite having already...
Metodología administrativa-financiera para determinar el valor razonable de muebles y enseres del hospital Pablo Arturo Suárez (H.P.A.S.) en la ciudad de Quito, adoptando la norma internacional de contabilidad (NIC 16) y las normas internacionales de información financiera (NIIF´S 1 y 5)
Maldonado Puente, Karla Margoth (Oct-2011) - [Director: López, Luis Alberto]
It was considered the Financial Reporting Standards, International Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards which will help the valuation of assets, preparation, lifting, cleaning of furniture and equipment inventories taking into account the accounting policies adopted...
Modelo de auditoría de gestión en el sector público; caso Centro de Salud No. 3 La Tola- Vicentina
López Guevara, Katherine Belén (Aug-2010) - [Director: López, Luis Alberto]
Introduce Health Center no. Also 3 parameters on how an audit is performed, is to provide guidance to the highest authorities take proper corrective actions to achieve the goals and objectives of the process of strategic management and financial process; and institutional objectives
Propuesta de mejoramiento del proceso de microcrédito del programa círculos de economía solidaria (CESOL)
Cuesta Flores, Geoconda Lucía (Apr-2006) - [Director: López, Luis Alberto]
In such circumstances, the present work allows an approach to the reality that unfolds the Circles Program Solidarity Economy (CESOL) microcredit program run by the YMCA Ecuador, with the aim of developing improved work process microcredit program in question, in order to strengthen the program