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Modelamiento y simulación de redes de telecomunicación para medición inteligente de energía eléctrica residencial en zonas urbanas
Suárez Pozo, Carlos Guillermo (Jan-2015) - [Director: Inga Ortega, Esteban Mauricio]
This thesis project allows us to analyze the behavior of the telecommunications network in urban areas; and thus warn the needed infrastructure to implement smart metering of electricity. To this end, a mathematical optimization model to minimize distances was raised as a method to cluster-unite...
Modelamiento y simulación de redes inalámbricas para medición inteligente de energía eléctrica residencial rural
Masache Almeida, Paúl Andrés (Mar-2015) - [Director: Inga Ortega, Esteban Mauricio]
The distribution network requires sophisticated equipment to improve efficiency and reduce the rate of non-technical losses that exist in the system; through an AMI system can enter service needed to reach improving efficiencies that exist in the distribution system, AMI since a system is able to...
Óptimo despliegue de redes de distribución eléctrica soterrada basado en técnicas heurísticas y simulación.
Villacres Quishpe, Fabricio Javier (Nov-2018) - [Director: Inga Ortega, Esteban Mauricio]
The introduction of new loads to conventional electrical distribution systems causes overload in electrical power equipment. This overload causes the useful life of distribution transformers, electrical conductors, protections, etc., to decrease considerably, in addition, the...
Óptimo despliegue de sincronofasores en un sistema de distribución eléctrica
Haro Vaca, Jefferson Ricardo (Nov-2015) - [Director: Inga Ortega, Esteban Mauricio]
This paper proposes a mathematical model based on the need to ensure low cost and efficiency in the implementation of phasor measurement units (PMUs) for the electrical distribution system The strategy is the optimal placement of the PMUs in the network topology for proper implementation or...
Planeación óptima de redes de distribución eléctrica aérea usando métodos heurísticos y procesos de simulación.
Herrera Cisneros, Esteban Bladimir (Dec-2018) - [Director: Inga Ortega, Esteban Mauricio]
This article is intended a planning model for the deployment of the overhead electrical distribution systems, which allows under heuristics and optimization criteria to reduce the cost of resources associated in the construction of the network; it shows an optimal deployment of distribution...
Planeación y despliegue de la red de sensores inalámbricos requerida para la medición inteligente de energía eléctrica usando restricciones de capacidad y cobertura
Campaña Molina, Miguel Ángel (Jul-2017) - [Director: Inga Ortega, Esteban Mauricio]
The electrical energy measurement (EEM), seeks to provide quality services without neglecting the reliability of the system. Therefore, a quality service must be closely linked to the wireless communication technologies, to technify the EEM, not only reading, but also cuts, reconnections, and other...
Planificación y optimización de un operador móvil virtual como unidad de negocio para la infraestructura de medición avanzada de energía eléctrica
Guevara Ortiz, Leandro Alcívar (Dec-2014) - [Director: Inga Ortega, Esteban Mauricio]
Warn of a performance management system that links smart metering at a distribution company through the use of telecommunications under the concept of virtual mobile operator, applied to the measurement infrastructure advanced (AMI), the work has come from experiences in other countries and the...
Reconstrucción de la curva de carga eléctrica residencial a partir de selección muestral usando sensado comprimido
Andrade Montoya, Paúl Alexander (Dec-2017) - [Director: Inga Ortega, Esteban Mauricio]
The demand response (DR), search to provide quality service, that allows to reduce significantly the costs and to guarantee the security of the network. Therefore, it is necessary to make an adequate estimate of the load curve, considering that an intelligent measurement system has been implemented...