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Simulación hidrológica de la cuenca del río Alambi en Nanegal frente al cambio del uso del suelo y su impacto en el recurso hídrico
Sánchez Brito, Hugo Lenin (Apr-2015) - [Director: Gutiérrez Caiza, Carlos Aníbal]
The main objective of this research was to evaluate the impact caused by land use change caused by the expansion of the agricultural frontier and population growth that has occurred in recent years in the river basin Alambi. • Scenario 1: Current status of the basin (base scenario). • Scenario 2:...
Sistema de alcantarillado para el barrio La Palma, Parroquia de Puembo
Bucheli Coronel, Adrián Omar (Feb-2011) - [Director: Gutiérrez Caiza, Carlos Aníbal]
With the design of the sewerage, and in the future its construction, it is intended to collect all the sewage and rainwater flowing down the existing slopes, which would prevent flooding in the lower parts of the project area and mainly the serious damage to the health that currently suffer the...
Sistema de alcantarillado para el sector El Chamizal de la parroquia El Quinche, cantón Quito, provincia de Pichincha
Calo Catota, Byron Patricio (Apr-2015) - [Director: Gutiérrez Caiza, Carlos Aníbal]
The rapid growth of rural parishes as El Quinche requires the endowment of basic services such as sanitation; that’s why, in coordination with the Public Enterprise of Water Supply and Sanitation the sewerage studies are being performed for some neighborhoods in El Chamizal sector. This project is...
Sistema integral de agua potable para las comunidades de Chulcotoro y Calquin de la parroquia de Cochapamba
Balladares Chicaiza, Adriana del Carmen; Guaman Quishpe, Boris Marco (Jan-2012) - [Director: Gutiérrez Caiza, Carlos Aníbal]
The basic services available to the community of Calquín-Chulcotoro do not allow their quality of life, due to the lack of infrastructure in terms of basic drinking water and sewerage services. This is why the project developed below consists in the construction of a Drinking Water System that will...