Desarrollo de una aplicación Android para la Tele-educación en la simulación del Control de una caldera basado en realidad aumentada

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Title: Desarrollo de una aplicación Android para la Tele-educación en la simulación del Control de una caldera basado en realidad aumentada
Authors: Mantilla Carvajal, Fernando Iván
Eugenio Plúa, Jenniffer Mariela
Advisor: Miranda Ramos, Mónica María
Abstract: Higher education is one of the economic activities with the highest incidence, not only because of its knowledge but also because of the effects it has on all aspects of the economy in a country. Thus, tele-education and ICTs have become a new instrument, a didactic tool that helps improve teaching and learning, despite the fact that tele-education technology has been available for more than 20 years. The purpose of this research is to develop a mobile application with augmented reality, aimed at providing a pedagogical tool focused on the control and modeling of a horizontal fire tube boiler for the students of the UPS in the city of Guayaquil. To do this, a survey was applied to potential clients and / or consumers of the proposed prototype. The main scientific novelty of this research project focuses on the use and application of augmented reality oriented to tele-education and to the modeling and control of systems such as boilers. What will provide and facilitate the interaction of information. As well as establishing solutions to the parameters and variables through the use of mathematical and statistical methods. The preparation of the present investigation required a review of other studies and investigations for the foundation and support of the theoretical basis on fundamental definitions of augmented reality, mobile application, tele-education and boiler control. All this being the compendium to be considered within the study, as well as the current legal regulations and the creation of a glossary of terms. Likewise, the data collection, modeling and control of the boiler that allowed its simulation through the analysis of control equations; with the simulation of the models. Finally, we proceeded to develop the mobile application that will show the results equivalent to those simulated on the control of a boiler and its simulation using 3D model images.
Translated abstract: La tele-educación y las TICS se han convertido en un nuevo instrumento didáctico y pedagógico que ayuda a perfeccionar la enseñanza y aprendizaje de los estudiantes. La presente investigación tiene como finalidad desarrollar una aplicación móvil con realidad aumentada, orientado a proporcionar una herramienta pedagógica enfocada al control de una caldera pirotubular horizontal. Se aplicó la investigación descriptiva para el modelamiento y control de la caldera mediante ecuaciones que se desarrollaron considerando las variables que intervienen en un óptimo funcionamiento para la caldera pirotubular horizontal y que facilitó la simulación del control en el programa MATLAB/SIMULINK ®. Finalmente, se procedió al diseño y el desarrollo de la aplicación móvil haciendo uso de la realidad aumentada, lo cual requirió de la utilización de programas como son: VUFORIA ® y UNITY ®, cuya interacción con el usuario ayuda a la creación de la aplicación con realidad aumentada, propuesta cuyo aporte servirá para proporcionar una nueva herramienta pedagógica a utilizarse en materias como control de sistemas.
Issue Date: 2021
Language: spa
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