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Reconocimiento identitario y procesos de transformación de la Cultura Afroecuatoriana en Carapungo
Bastidas Martínez, Mishell Estefanía (Feb-2017) - [Director: Aguiar Mariño, Nina Lulushca]
The research focuses in the importance of the identity recognition that represents for the Afro-Ecuadorian culture in Carapungo. This has been distorted by the naturalization of imaginary misconceptions that have unleashed in a social segregation with the sector in question. But how has the...
Representación de Identidad Adolescente Mediante Imágenes de Facebook.
Castelo Ortiz, Paula Alejandra (Oct-2015) - [Director: Aguiar Mariño, Nina Lulushca]
The subject of contemporary communication reinvents itself and the social meanings of its context, including the meanings of identity. Young Facebook users experience a visual zapping with the pictures published by their friends, each picture with features that may or may not be added to the young...
Representación de la mujer latinoamericana en el cine comercial.
Crespo Venegas, Jossye Mariela (Feb-2016) - [Director: Aguiar Mariño, Nina Lulushca]
The commercial cinema has a big influence in the communications fields of the society, where the speech that they present is a strong reference, especially in the countries of Latino America. Identify the roles and stereotypes of the Latin women in the commercial cinema not only answers to...