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Sistematización y análisis del proceso de gestión de la calidad de la leche del centro de acopio “El Progreso” de Cariacu, cantón Cayambe.
Neppas Catucuamba, Edison Patricio (Nov-2014) - [Director: Requelme, Narcisa de Jesús]
The Salesian Polytechnic University conjunction with the Laboratory Quality Milk, conducted the project with the inter-institutional cooperation to develop programs to support production processes and quality control of milk through research, technology transfer and training with the gathering...
Sistematización y análisis social del proceso sociorganizativo de la Corporación Turuja, cantón Pedro Moncayo, provincia Pichincha
Morocho Andrade, Rodrigo (Jul-2008) - [Director: Requelme, Narcisa de Jesús]
The research work untitled "Analysis and social systematization social – organized at the Process of the Corporation TURUJTA, of the Pedro Moncayo canton, Pichincha Province," it was realized from April 2007 to January 2008. The objectives of the present work are aimed to give a look back to the...