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Planificación estratégica con aplicación del Balanced Scorecard a la microempresa Recotel dedicada a la reparación y comercialización de productos y accesorios en audio y video, ubicada en la Provincia de Pichincha, Cantón Quito, Parroquia Chillogallo.
Balla Valiente, Jessica Consuelo (Apr-2010) - [Director: Moya Morales, José Ramiro]
This project considered as a research subject to Recotel microenterprise. This micro is engaged in repair and sales of electronic products and accessories for audio and video, has been conducting the activity approximately 24 years. The idea was to provide technical service to electronic devices,...
Propuesta de reestructuración de la gestión empresarial para Laptrom Cía. Ltda.
Reina Abata, Erika Janina; Yánez Saragozín, Elena Elizabeth (May-2010) - [Director: Moya Morales, José Ramiro]
This proposal is the result of a methodical process seated in the existing theory and the information provided by the company under study. LAPTROM is a company dedicated to the marketing of computer equipment in order to meet the needs of consumers.
Proyecto de expansión de la empresa "Super Fibra"
Morales Bulla, Melba Malene; Oña Jácome, Nelsón Oswaldo (Feb-2007) - [Director: Moya Morales, José Ramiro]
In this context and taking into account the overall enterprise system has detected shortcomings influenced by the external and internal environment, linked to units: administrative, financial, production and sales; through a preliminary diagnosis and a thorough evaluation show that allowed the...
Proyecto de factibilidad para la creación de una empresa de comercialización y distribución de productos de primera necesidad en la Parroquia de Tambillo
Rojas Collaguazo, Diego Alejandro (Apr-2010) - [Director: Moya Morales, José Ramiro]
Research on the marketing and distribution of consumer products in the area of Tambillo and around main purpose is to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants accessing staples without intermediaries, so that they can pay fair prices. The company is geared to function as a regulator of prices...
"Validación de un instrumento para medir la calidad de vida de la clase media dela ciudad de Quito".
Paredes Núñez, Silvana Noemí; Ramos Arellano, Juan Fernando (2013) - [Director: Moya Morales, José Ramiro]
Contains desarrolllo a methodology focused on the validation of an instrument to measure quality of life in the middle class of the city of Quito where desarrolllo and application of different statistical coefficients is performed aimed at ensuring the reliability and validity of this instrument...