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Video documental :los lenguajes en la teatralización popular de la crucifixión en Cotacachi.
Mejía López, Gabriel Paúl (Jan-2016) - [Director: Montaluisa Chasiquiza, Luis Octavio]
In the city of Cotacachi, Good Friday has become a date that breaks the daily life of society not only by the importance of their Catholic meaning but on this day, 50 years ago, the popular theatrical performance is carried out the various passages of the passion and death of Jesus Christ. This...
Video Reportaje sobre las prácticas comunicativas desarrolladas en la procesión del “Señor del Árbol” en la parroquia de Santa Clara y Rosa de Pomasqui.
Pánchez Jiménez, Diego Alonso; Toledo Patiño, Gelen Karolay (Apr-2016) - [Director: Montaluisa Chasiquiza, Luis Octavio]
This paper deals with the ritual of the procession that takes place in the parish of Pomasqui known as "The Lord of the Tree". In the first part historical and legendary origins of the festival is presented. Stressing that this celebration has a pre-Hispanic origin. Superimposing the Catholic...