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La pastoral educativa en la visión pedagógica de la unidad educativa “San Alfonso” de Ambato.
Silva Rodríguez, Franklin Oswaldo (Apr-2016) - [Director: García Labrador, Julián]
The aim of this paper is to analyze the impact that has on the educational pastoral pedagogical vision of the Education Unit San Alfonso of the city of Ambato. From a theoretical approach of holistic input current, which is a pedagogical approach that focuses on an educational vision that seeks the...
La red social Facebook como herramienta pedagógica de evangelización en los estudiantes de la Unidad Educativa “Cardenal Spínola” del sector N°3 de Solanda.
Chumo Zambrano, Margarita Victoria; Delgado Aray, Wendy Marilyn (Jul-2015) - [Director: García Labrador, Julián]
Social networks are composed of groups of people, institutions, organizations, among other structures. Use different platforms with internet access to communicate with each other, they can be considered as tools for teaching and learning because they provide a platform for versatile communication...
Reflexión bíblico teológico en la realidad afro-descendiente del Ecuador una perspectiva intercultral
Tocte Romero, Ángela Gabriela (Dec-2015) - [Director: García Labrador, Julián]
The article presents the interculturality as a proposal inside the afro pastoral in the Ecuador that overcomes the dangers of the religious fundamentalism derived from an ethnocentric theology dragged from the first evangelización in Latin America. It thinks about how to create a healthy relation...
Relectura del ministerio ordenado en las comunidades primitivas desde la Evangelii Gaudium.
Huitzacua Hernández, Nancy (Mar-2016) - [Director: García Labrador, Julián]
This article attempts to delve into the essence of ordained ministry in the early communities born as a gift of God, a sign of his presence and man's response. The development of this work used genetic-comparative methodology, it attempts an approach to the issue from its roots in the Old...